(After Corona Pandemic Settled)


Wondering when you can travel again? Here are 10 countries that you can visit right now, plus the best thing to do when you get there.  Traveling may not be the same again so it is recommended to pay attention on the little details of restrictions each country have to offer.


Albania is a Balkan country on the Adriatic Sea bordered by Montenegro, Kosovo, Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. Strikingly beautiful it is also one of the mountainous countries in the world. Albania began opening at the end of May. And the Prime Minister promises that the country will be fully open to tourism in 2020. Albania is full of history dating back to the Paleolithic era. It’s been inhabited by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Thracians and the Ottoman Empire. Due to its strategic location as an important trade route, it is also full of castles and fortresses. If you go, make sure to visit the legendary Rozafa Fortress in Shkodra. You should also visit lakes Kadar, southern Europe’s largest lake on the border with Montenegro. It’s especially amazing at sunset.

To get to Albania, It is recommended flying into the capital of Tirana unless you’re driving in from a nearby country that’s opened its border since the pandemic.

Here are a list of airports in Albania: Rinas, Novosele, Shtiqen, Gjirokaster, Lumalas, Finiq, Shtoj, Farke, Kucove and Gjader.

Airlines operating in Albania: British Airways, Lufthansa Flights, Norwegian Flights, Alitalia Flights, KLM flights, Turkish Airlines and Air Serbia Flights, Aegean Airlines and Air France.


Located in Eastern Europe, Belarus is a landlocked country surrounded by Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia. And it’s actually one of the few countries that never officially closed during the Covid 19 pandemic. Although the Belarus Ministry of Health has recorded nearly 40,000 registered cases as of May 28th, the country remains open to tourism. While you may not have heard much about Belarus, in the past, tourism has nearly doubled in the past year. Thanks to the country’s new Visa-free travel scheme. According to Lonely Planet Belarus is becoming quite a destination in Europe. Thanks to its nightlife, museums, architecture and emerging cafe and art scene. Top attractions in Belarus include the museum of the great patriotic war, the Mir Castle and the National Park. But the number one reason to visit is the nice and hospitable locals. It’s also an up and coming destination for outdoor activities and adventure sports. When checking flights to Belarus, look up the airport code MSQ Minsk, which is the capital.

List of airports in Belarus: Brest, Homiel, Hrodna and Minsk

Airlines present in Belarus: Uzbekistan Airways, AirBaltic, KLM, Aeroflot, UTair, Vueling Airlines, Air France and Ural Airlines have direct flights to Belarus.



Travel to Cambodia is complicated right now but possible. First you must apply for a visa online. Then, travelers must present a Covid 19 health certificate and proof of a $ 50,000 medical insurance policy upon arrival. After that you have to pass an additional test and even if your results come back negative you must still self-isolate for 14 days under local authority supervision. Despite all the current coronavirus precautions, Cambodia is considered a must visit country for anyone seeking an authentic travel experience in Southeast Asia. Highlights include Angkor Wat, one of the largest and most famous religious monuments in the world as well as stunning landscapes, jungles filled with wildlife and islands. If that’s not enough to convince you, the food, shopping and markets just might be. And Did I mention the price? Cambodia is known for its low cost of living. You can live there easily on less than $ 1000.00 per month.

Airports in Cambodia:

Airlines operating to Cambodia: China Eastern, Thai Airways, China Southern, Bangkok Airways, Qatar Airways, ANA, Singapore Airlines, Delta Airlines, Thai AirAsia, Thai Smile, China Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Korean Air, SilkAir, Dragonair, Hong Kong Airlines, AirAsia and Asiana Airlines.

CYPRUS, Europe

The Mediterranean country of Cyprus is eager to reopen for tourism. And it has recorded only 17 Covid 19 related deaths by first week of June. The country plans to allow European Tourist as soon as June 09th through 20th with the exception of the UK and Russia.  

Cyprus is a perfect holiday destination with more than 340 days of sunshine per year. Its best known for its pristine white sand beaches, clear water, luxurious resorts and amazing food and wine. My favorite place to visit in Cyprus is called fig tree bay. An added bonus, the Cyprus govt. will also reimburse your trip cost if you happen to contact Covid 19 while there which hopefully won’t happen. For regular update refer to the Cyprus Tourism Board.

Airlines Operating to Cyprus: Lufthansa, British Airways, KLM, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad Airways are the major airlines flying this route.

MEXICO, North America

Although Mexico temporarily closed its border with the US in March, the international airports have remained open for tourism throughout the pandemic. Mexico is a massive country with so much to offer. The list of tourist interest is massive. However, here are some of the lists of favorites. For relaxing beaches, check out the Riviera Maya, including Cancun, Tulum and Playa Del Carmen. For surfing, Cabo, San Lucas in Baja California is one of the favorite spots. And don’t miss the city of Guadalajara for its art and foodie scene, as well as San Miguel De Aleende for its history and culture. And although some people thing Mexico City is dangerous, it’s actually one of the best cities in the world. There are so many cool neighborhoods to explore during La Condesa, Roma, Polanco and of course the City Center. Mexico is the perfect location to take day trips from to see the Aztec Ruins or smaller towns like Puebla. If you haven’t been there yet, definitely, put it on your bucket list.

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Montenegro is proud to be first Covid 19 free country in Europe. It reopened its border on 01st June to tourist from countries with less than 25 active cases per 100 residents. Montenegro is the perfect place for a relaxing seaside holiday or even a road trip. A road trip from Croatia to Montenegro to Albania to Bosnia and Herzegovina is a great and memorable route.

Airlines Operating to Montenegro: Emirates flights, flydubai flights, Aeroflot flights, Air France flights, Turkish Airlines flights and Alitalia flights


After a tight lockdown, Serbia’s airport and borders are now reopening. You don’t need any special paperwork to enter either nor need to self-quarantine. Although the Serbian people suffer during the Balkans war of the 1990s, the country has bounced back in recent years. It’s super safe and full of amazing art, food, culture, history, Music, nightlife and of course friendly people. When visiting Serbia, start your trip from the capital of Belgrade. Then, rent a car to explore the countryside and visit towns such as Nice and Novi Sad, site of the famous exit music festival that’s held every year in a fortress. It is also a very affordable destination compared to the rest of Europe with an average cost of living around $ 1000.00 per month.

Airlines Operating to Serbia: Eithad Airways, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and Aeroflot


Slovenia has very few cases of Covid 19 and was the first European country to announce a victory over the Pandemic and reopened on may 15. It is located at the base of the Alps between Croatia, Austria-Hungary and Italy.  Slovenia is a small country with a population of about two million people but plenty to see and explore. In fact you can actually swim in the Mediterranean Sea and hike the mountains in the same day. One of the most iconic sites to visit in Slovenia is Lake Bled with its beautiful castle right in the middle. Also make sure to visit Piran, named the most beautiful town in the country. Slovenia is full of nature and has also quite the food and wine destination in recent years. The capital of Ljubjana is only a 2 hours flight from London with the airport code LJU. Stoke your wanderlust even further at Slovenia.


Airlines operating to Slovenia: Lufthansa flights, KLM flights, Brussels Airlines flights, Air France flights, Austrian Airlines flights, Finnair flights, Delta flights, LOT flights, Singapore Airlines flights, Turkish Airlines flights, SAS flights, EL AL Israel Airlines flights, SWISS flights, Aeroflot flights and Air Serbia flights


South Korea flattened its Covid curve early by only may 6th and the country reopened tourism under mandatory 14 day government quarantine at a cost of $ 100.00 per night. And despite a spike in cases originating in Seoul’s Party district in late May, the airport remains open to commercial flights. However as of 01st June, foreigners must submit additional documentation of a negative coronavirus diagnosis and pass a temperature check at the airport. The situations and restrictions are changing frequently so make sure to check with your respective airlines and South Korea’s government website for updates. However, it is possible to travel to South Korea right now and enjoy some of the nightlife, food, culture and nature that the country is known for however only if you are ready to quarantine for 14 days first.

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This Caribbean nation is located between St. Lucia and Venezuala never officially shut its borders to tourist although the airports are still closed. How do you get there then? Well, people can still apparently sail right in as long as they quarantine for 14 days upon entry. So if you happen to find yourself in the middle of the Caribbean Sea anytime soon. You know where to go.

Airports in St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Bequia, Canouan, Mustique and Union Island.