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TicketsAway is one of the top travel companies headquartered in Detroit Michigan, Independently managed by Global Konexxon LLC as Ticketsaway.com. Founded in Feb 2018, it has now become the forerunner in travel industry providing you the best deal worldwide.

We are simply the new leader in providing the best curated deals on flights, hotels cars, last minute deals and destinations of your choice. This is possible through our dedicated world class travel experts located at multiple locations and innovative search engine technology.Our site operates in more than 100 languages

Why are we so confident of our price?

Our world class support team curate all the unpublished deals that may not be listed on any website elsewhere. We have dedicated experts in finding the best routing plans and destination deals -making it easy for you to match your budget and requirements. We collaborate with thousands of state of the art companies and innovative meta search engine of which millions of our traveler have benefited from.

Our Mission

We want to fuse our passion and spirit to change people's life significantly with best innovative ideas in making your travel experience as enjoyable as it should sound. We are constantly working to keep one step ahead of the ordinary dedicated to bring memorable and hassle free travel experience.Your satisfaction and freedom is our top priority.

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