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United Airlines commonly referred to as United this is the world's most comprehensive domestic and international route network, which is headquartered at Willis Tower in Chicago Illinois.


History overview


In the year 1928 United Airlines Corp was established to operate as full service Airlines and it is now the third largest Airlines in the world somewhat came from a humble beginning in the early days of the US Aviation history. From 1928 to 1930 William Boeing was the brainchild and emerged from his consolidation of numerous carriers and equipment manufacturers.

Destination and Hubs


United Airlines operates to 238 domestic and 118 International destinations at 48 countries or region and 8 (eight) hubs within the United State and its territories. List of hubs are given below:

.Chicago O’Hare -The largest hub and its hub for the Midwest.

 .Denver - The fourth-largest hub and its hub for the Rocky Mountain region of the United States, it had about 42% of the market share at DIA making and its airport’s largest airline.

.Guam - Guam serves as United’s hub for flight routes in the pacific region which 98% of the market share at Guam International.

.Houston-Intercontinental – The second-largest hub and its hub for the southern United states.

.Los Angeles – United secondary hub for the west coast and gateway Asia and Australia about 15% of the market share at this hub every year.

 .Newark – This hub is the third largest hub of the United Airlines and its primary hub for the New York City market and the eastern coast of the United States. It is United’s primary gateway of Europe, the fifth largest hub for the west coast and the gateway to Asia and Australia about 22 million passengers pass through SFO every year on United which has also about 46% of the market share at San Francisco International, making it the biggest airline at the airport.

.Washington-Dulles – United secondary hub for East Coast and the gateway to Europe.



The current fleet of United is 790 aircraft including Airbus and Boeing.





The current fleet of United is 790 aircraft including Airbus and Boeing.

Inflight service enhancement & beyond:

Enhanced food and beverage and menus – Several food and drink selection based on the route and duration of the flight. An appetizing new menu is now available at long haul international flight a complementary multi course meal service includes house wine, free beer and individual bottled water. More menus continue to evolve, incorporating some new options. Select United flight now offer a new cocktail: the old fashioned by on the rocks cocktails it can be purchase on select on selected United flight also seasonal craft beers on the selected United flight.


United Private Screening – Inflight entertainment on the United Private Screening options let you view TV shows and movie through the backseat monitor of your own monitor or your own personal services, depending on the aircraft.




The united airlines have a rewards program, the MileagePlus makes it easy to earn and use award miles on the purchase you make every day. Since the United airlines has most global destinations of most airlines, the miles you earn can really get you where you go whenever you roam, the miles go with you and keep adding up.



Children flying alone with a safe and comfortable journey is very important to us, The service is required for children ages 5-14 who are traveling alone, but children who are 15-17 years old and traveling alone can also opt in to our unaccompanied minor service.

Free snacks is offered to the child

The child will be boarding first before normal boarding begins so there’s extra time to get settled before takeoff

An unaccompanied minors can only travel on nonstop flights. They can’t use codeshare flights and other flights operated by our partner airlines.

Children under 5 can’t travel as unaccompanied minors, even if they’re flying with an older unaccompanied child.

15-17 ages can travel alone on any United operated flight, or they can choose to opt in to our unaccompanied minor service.

It costs $150 each way for every two children traveling using the unaccompanied minor service.

If two or more children are traveling together, the youngest child’s age determines whether the children will need use our unaccompanied minor service.

Everybody wants everything to run smoothly and for you to have peace of mind, so the outlined each step of the child’s journey — from booking through the travel day. Online and mobile check-in aren't available for children traveling alone, as we want to talk with you in person and make sure the child is ready to go. When you arrive at the airport, please go to the check-in counter. The child will be given a wristband to wear and special bag tags so United representatives and flight attendants can clearly identify them as a child traveling on their own. When it's time to board, the child will board before normal boarding begins so our flight attendants can take the child to their seat and help with carry-on items during the flight while the check-in Flight attendants will check in with the child throughout the flight. They will also be available by call, child will receive one free food item.


 Child's flight offers personal device entertainment, please download the United app on their electronic device before you arrive at the airport so they can enjoy movies and other age-appropriate content on their device during their flight.

Once the child’s flight has arrived, you can get a gate pass at the United ticket counter in order to go through security to the gate to meet the child. Gate information is available on the United app and at visit.

The United representative will meet the child and bring them to meet their designated pick-up person. The designated adult meeting the child will need to show their ID so they can verify their identity. They’ll also need to sign a release form that says they’ve accepted custody of the child.




A pregnant woman traveling before 36 weeks will be allowed to travel without medical documentation. In case a woman traveling at or after 36 weeks of pregnancy must have the original and two copies of an obstetrician’s certificate while at check-in also the original certificate to a United Representative at check-in. The remaining copies are for reference during air travel which must be dated within three days prior to her flight departure. It is preferable to have a certificate dated within one day of flight departure the estimated birth date of the baby must be after the date of the last flight on the itinerary which the certificate must state that the obstetrician has examined the customer and found her to be physically fit for air travel between the specified dates.





Traveling with an infant or child must be accompanied by a person 16 years or by the infant parents, the list below must be the following items on board in addition to your carry-on bag and personal item:

.Breast pump and milk

.Government-approved child seat 

.Stroller, wagon and car seats




United airlines carry-on allowance permits you to bring one cabin bag at 9 x 14 x 22 inches (22 x 35 x 56 cm), plus one personal item with maximum total dimensions of 9 x 10 x 17 inches (22 x 25 x 43 cm).

The United Airlines baggage allowance for passengers traveling on a Basic Economy fare is different, however. Basic Economy passengers aren’t permitted to hold on board a bigger cabin bag. Basic Economy Fare passengers may only cause on board one personal item with maximum dimensions of 9 x 10 x 17 inches (22 x 25 x 43 cm).

Instruments could even be carried on board, alongside a private item, and stowed within the overhead locker or under the seat ahead. If traveling on a Basic Economy fare, however, the instruments are often carried instead of private item. If you bring an instrument to the gate that can’t be stored within the cabin, it must be checked and a $25 handling fee must be paid. Please note that there are both permanent excess and temporary baggage embargoes on certain routes, which restrict baggage allowances with United.




United Airlines' carry on allowance, domesticated cats, dogs, rabbits and birds except cockatoos are permitted to travel in the cabin on most flights within the US. A pet must be transported during a carrier and may be carried additionally to a carry-on bag. The cost is $125, one way the maximum dimensions for soft-sided kennels are 18 x 11 x 11 inches, and the animal must be able to stand up and turn around comfortably.




Under 24-hour flexible booking policy, if the ticket was purchased through United within the last 24 hours and completed the acquisition one week or more before the first scheduled departure flight, it is getting to qualify for a waiver of change or cancellation fees. A refund could even be requested for any fare that allows refunds. Counting on the principles of the fare purchased, a cancellation fee may apply. Most fares are nonrefundable and are not eligible for voluntary refunds. However, the worth of your ticket could also be eligible to be applied toward the worth of a replacement ticket for a fee refund amount you’ll receive depends on several variables. For example, tickets that are partially traveled are going to be calculated at a prorated amount supported the principles based of the ticket purchased and segments flown. Credit card refunds are going to be processed within seven business days of the request all other refunds will be processed within 20 business days of the request your refund are going to be credited back to your original sort of payment. Fees and surcharges collected in conjunction with the ticket will only be refunded if applicable.




Visit: https://hub.united.com/Awards-and-recognition/




Phone - 800 824 6200

FAQ - https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/help.html