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Turkish Airlines
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Turkish Airlines




Turkish Airlines is a renowned airline brand and the national flag carrier of Turkey. Headquartered at 

Istanbul Ataturk Airport in Yesilkoy, Istanbul, Turkey, it operates scheduled services to destinations in 

Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The airline was awarded the Best Airline in Europe by Skytrax. 

Turkey Airlines is also known for being the largest mainland carrier in the world by number of passenger

destinations. It became a member of the Star Alliance in April, 2008 making it the 20th 

airline to join Star Alliance. It serves the largest number of countries than any other airline in the 

world. Iker Ayci is the Chairman of the board while Bilal Eksi is the Deputy Chairman and CEO. 



Turkish Airlines was founded on 20th May 1933 as Turkish State Airlines as a department of the 

Ministry of Defence. It operated two Curtiss Kingbirds, Two Junkers F13 and one Tupolev ANT-9. The 

airline was renamed General Directorate of State Airlines after it was turned over to the Ministry of 

Public Works in 1935 and became part of the Ministry of Transportation after three years. The 

domestic carrier began international services with the inauguration of Ankara-Istanbul-Athens flights 

in 1947 with Douglas DC-3s and C-47s. In 1956, the Turkish Government reorganized the airline under

the name Turk Hava Yollari. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, it added new aircrafts such 

as Vickers Viscounts, Fokker F27s followed by Boeing three 707 jets in 1971.  

By the mid- 1980s THY had a fleet of 30 aircraft. In 1988, the airline added a route to New York via 

Brussels. In July 1994, a non-stop flight to New York was launched. In the following years, various new

routes were introduced and new aircrafts were added. It joined Star Alliance in April 2008 and 

was ranked among the best airline in Southern Europe beginning 2010. Turkish airlines continued to

grow, transporting millions of passengers and becoming the fourth largest flight network globally 

with international destinations worldwide. 



Ankara Esenboga Airport is the main hub of Turkish Airlines and its secondary hub is Izmir Adnan 

Menderes Airport. 

As of 2019, Turkish Airlines flies to 315 destinations in 126 countries. The airline connects over 108 

destinations in Europe, 64 in Asia, Africa with 53 and the Americas with 19. It also serves the largest 

number of airports outside Turkey with Germany topping the list with 14 airports; Russia with 10; 

Italy and the United States with 9; France with 8; Saudi Arabia and Ukraine with 7; Egypt, Iran, Iraq, 

Spain and the United Kingdom with 5 each. 



Turkish Airlines has a fleet size of 353 aircraft with 6 Airbus A319-100, 15 Airbus A320-200, 61 Airbus 

A321-200, 15 Airbus A321neo, 18 Airbus A330-200, 40 Airbus A330-300, 102 Boeing 737-800, 15 

Boeing 737-900ER, 11 Boeing737 MAX 8, I Boeing 737 MAX 9, 33 Boeing 777-300ER, 11 Boeing 

787-9. It has further orders for 77 Airbus A321neo, 25 Airbus A350-900, 54 Boeing 737 MAX 8, 9 

Boeing 737 MAX 9 and 14 Boeing 787-9. 

Its Cargo fleet include 1 Airbus A300-600F, 2 Airbus A310-300F, 10 Airbus A330-200F, 4 Boeing 

747-400F, and 8 Boeing 777F.  



Turkish Airlines offers Business and Economy Class on all of its flights. Turkish Airlines much 

anticipated new Boeing 787-9 dreamliner Business Class offers a total of 30 seats, spread across 

eight rows in a 1-2-1 configuration with comfortable lie-flat seats offering lots of privacy, air vents, HD

entertainment screen, amenity kits by Versace, solid in-flight entertainment, free Wi-Fi, a dine on 

demand menu offering incredible meals with an onboard chef, and individual aisle access. Boeing 

777s Business class comes with very comfortable, lie-flat seats with lots of leg room space in a 2-3-2 

formation. A330-300 Business Class cabin has 28 lie-flat seats in a 2-2-2 configuration. The seats may 

vary depending on the type of aircraft and route flown. 

Turkish airlines Economy Class features seats with ample leg room, foot rest, USB plug at every seat, 

decent in-flight entertainment and catering onboard.  



Turkish Airlines was ranked among the top 20 World’s Best In-flight Entertainment 2019 by Skytrax. 

The airline’s in-flight entertainment offers a good selection of movies ranging from the latest 

releases to old classics, TV shows, a flight map, music, games, and a wide range of special channels 

for kids. Passengers flying in Business Class can access 1GB of free data whereas passengers in 

Economy Class can avail 1 hour package for $9.99 or a 24 hour package for $14.99. Miles&Smiles, the 

frequent flyer program, Elite and Elite Plus members can avail 400 MB of free data while Classic and 

Classic Plus members can enjoy 10 MB free data.  



Miles&Smiles is the frequent flyer program of Turkish Airlines. This program is free to join and comes 

with a lot of benefits and perks. Members can earn miles by flying on Turkish Airlines and Star 

Alliance flights, using Miles&Smiles credit cards, staying in partner hotels, using partner car rental 

services, shopping in partner retailers and enjoying the services of other partners. Members can 

redeem miles for award flights, hotel bookings, car rentals, flight upgrades. The best value in the 

Miles&Smiles program is the low redemption rates for North American flights on Star Alliance 

partners. Miles&Smiles has three elite levels and an entry level called Classic. Some of the benefits 


Classic Plus – Members need to earn 25,000 miles to reach this level. Lounge access on Turkish 

domestic flights, 25% more miles on Turkish Airlines Business Class flights, 10MB of Free WI-Fi on 

international Turkish flights and an additional 10 kg baggage allowance can be enjoyed by members 

of this status. 

Elite – In order to avail Elite tier benefits, members need to earn 40,000 miles in one year. Free 

Wi-Fi, 50% discount on second paid business class ticket, additional 20kg baggage allowance instead 

of 10kg plus all the benefits of Classic Plus are available for members of this status. Additionally, you 

will get the Star Alliance Gold Status such as lounge excess, Business Class check-in, boarding, 

security line and luggage handling. To re-qualify for this tier, members need only earn 30,000 miles in 

the first year or 45,000 in 2 years. 

Elite Plus – Members can qualify for this highest tier after earning 80,000 miles in 1 year. Additional 

25kg baggage allowance instead of 20kg, 2 free upgrades per year, gifting up to 3 Elite Status for 

40,000 miles each plus all the benefits of the above tiers. To re-qualify, you have to earn 40,000 

miles in the first year or 60,000 in 2 years. In case of failing to re-qualify, you will go back to the 

lower tier i.e. the Elite status and get another 2 years of Star Alliance Gold. 



Carry-On Allowance 

Business Class: Passengers are allowed to bring 1 personal item plus 2 carry-on baggage with a 

maximum weight of 17lbs (8kg) each and a maximum dimension of 21x15x9 inches/ 55x40x23cm. 

Economy Class: 1 personal item and 1 carry-on bag max. 17 lbs/ 8kg and the max. size of 21x15x9

inches/ 55x40x23cm. 

Checked Baggage

On domestic flights, Business Class passengers can carry a maximum weight of 66lbs/ 30kg and must

not exceed 62 inches/ 158cm in total dimensions. Passengers on Economy Class EcoFly are allowed 

33 lbs/15kg maximum weight, ExtraFly 44 lbs/ 20kg and PrimeFly 55 lbs/ 25kg. 

On international flights that work on a piece allowance, passengers in Business Class may check 2 

bags at 70lbs/32kg each. In Economy Class, passengers are allowed 2 bags weighing no more than 

50lbs/ 23kg each. The maximum linear dimensions should not exceed 62 inches/158cm. 

On international flights operating on a weight allowance, passengers can carry 66lbs/30kg in 

Business Class and 44lbs/20kg in Economy. 

Lap Infant Carry-On: Infants are allowed 1 piece of carry-on baggage with a maximum weight of 17.6 

lbs/8kg and total dimensions of 21x15x9 inches/ 55x40x23cm.  

On domestic flights, infants are allowed up to 10kg checked baggage. On international flights (piece 

policy) 1 piece weighing no more than 23kg and maximum dimensions of 115cm and on 

international flights (weight policy) infants can carry 10kg. 

Note: Strollers can only be transported as checked baggage.  



Turkish Airlines does not allow newborn babies for travel within 48 hours after birth. Babies younger 

than 8 days old must receive medical clearance first stating that they are fit to travel by air. Infants 

who are over 8 days old and younger than 2 years old can only travel with their parents or legal 

guardians (at least 18 years old). They can travel on the lap of the accompanying adult with a special 

infant safety belt. However, when travelling with two infants, a child ticket must be purchased for the 

second infant who must be secured on a car seat. The seat must not exceed the dimensions of 

40x40cm so that it fits in the aircraft seat. 

On international flights, passengers traveling with infants may request a special Baby Meal at least 

24 hours before departure since they may only have limited supplies onboard. On domestic flights, 

baby food is only available on flights departing from Ankara and Istanbul. Infants travelling on a 

reserved seat will be entitled to the same baggage allowance just like every adult passenger. Infants 

travelling on the lap of an adult with no reserved seat may see the above given baggage policy. The 

airline also offers discounts on infant fares. 

Note: The discount amount varies depending on journey route and date. 



Turkish Airlines allows children aged between 7 and 12 years old to travel without a companion. 

They must have the permission of the parents/ legal guardians who must fill out and sign an 

authorized form. To carry out all the necessary formalities, they must be at the check- in counter at 

least 2 hours before departure. Children travelling unaccompanied are given the top priority at the 

airport. At Istanbul, there is a separate check-in counter for unattended children. Once all the 

formalities are completed, child passengers are escorted to the aircraft and handed over to the 

purser. They are then assigned seats near the cabin crew so that they are well looked after during 

the entire flight. On arrival, the child is delivered to an authorized personnel waiting at the airport. 

After going through all the procedures, the child is handed over to the person mentioned in the form 

only after checking his/her identity and on signing a note of confirmation.      

Children ages 13 to 17 years old are not required to travel as unaccompanied minors but the service 

is optional for them as well.   

The airline also provides an Escort Service (attended child passenger) for children ages 2-6 years 

travelling alone. An experienced and caring escort will accompany the child throughout the entire 

flight. The service must be requested at least 48 hours before departure and the language spoken by 

the child must be specified when requesting the service. The guardians must also pay all costs of the 

escort in addition to the child’s. The parents or legal guardians must accompany the child to the 

airport and deliver him/her into the care of a Turkish Airlines representative. 



Turkish Airlines allows pregnant passengers to fly between the start of the 28th week of pregnancy 

and at the end of the 35th week with a doctor’s report. Passengers who have not yet entered their 

28th week of pregnancy can fly without a doctor’s note. However, no pregnant passengers are 

allowed to fly even if they present a medical report once they enter the 36th week of pregnancy.  



Turkish Airlines charges cancellation fees if you cancel your ticket one hour before departure or after 

24 hours of the original booking. The airline does not charge any cancellation fee if the cancellation is

made within 24 hours of purchase or if it has been 7 days or more before the scheduled departure. 


The cancellation fee depends on the route and the types of tickets purchased. Passengers with Economy 

Promotion fare tickets, Economy Restricted fare ticket, Economy Flexible fare ticket and Business 

Promotion fare tickets are not eligible for any refund against cancellation. Additionally, passengers 

with Flexible fare ticket are not charged any cancellation fee. For non-refundable tickets cancelled 

within 24 hours of original purchase, you will get tax portion of the total ticket fare. If the flight is 

delayed or cancelled without prior information, the airline will provide compensation in the form of 

eVoucher for future travel with Turkish Airlines.  



Turkish Airlines allows cats, dogs and small birds (goldfinches, canaries, parrots, budgies) to travel in 

the cabin. Cats are not permitted on the same flights with dogs and birds. Pets must be at least 10 

weeks old to travel in the cabin and fully weaned. Pregnant pets are not accepted. Advance 

notification must be given at least 6 hours before departure for both carry-on and checked pets. A 

maximum of 2 carriers are allowed per passenger but only 1 is permitted in the cabin. The total 

weight of the pet and carrier should not exceed 17lbs/ 8kg and the dimensions should not exceed 

23x30x40cm. Maximum number of pets flying in the cabin may be determined by the type of aircraft 

serving your route. Pets sharing a carrier must be of the same species and must not exceed the 

required weight limit and size. Pets accepted as checked baggage must be transported in special 

carriers with waterproof bottom, good ventilation, soft sided and of sufficient size.   

On domestic flights, a fee of 80 TRY is charged for a maximum weight of 8kg. For international flights, 

the total weight of the pet and carrier will be multiplied by the excess baggage fee for that route. 

The minimum fee charged for transit flights and flights with stopovers is between $35 and $150. 

Service and emotional support dogs are accepted in the cabin free of charge. Reservations must be 

approved at least 48 hours prior to departure to provide space for a Service Dog (SVAN). Necessary 

documents such as vaccination certificate or identity cards must be provided as required by the 

destination country. Service dogs should be kept on a leash, harnessed and wear a vest. 

Emotional Support Dogs (ESAN) are allowed only on flights between Istanbul and the US free of 

charge. On connecting flights, the Emotional Support Animal is subject to regulations imposed on 

other pets and will be charged a fee at the departure point. Along with all the necessary documents 

such as vaccination certificate or identity cards, passengers travelling with an Emotional Support Dog 

must submit a letter from a licensed mental health professional dated one year from the date of 




Turkish Airlines has been honoured with some of the industry’s most prestigious awards and 

accolades. Some of them are – “Europe’s Best Airline”, “Southern Europe’s Best Airline”, 

“World’s Best Premium Economy Class Seat”, “Airline of the Year”, “Best Business Class 

Lounge”, “Best Business Class Catering”, “The World’s 16th Best Airline For Business Travel” 

to mention a few.  


Head Office 

Turkish Airlines General Management Building, 

Ataturk Airport, Yesilkoy 34149 

Istanbul, Turkey 

Phone: + 90 212 463 63 63 

Fax: + 90 212 465 21 21 

New York Head Office 

350 Fifth Avenue, 

Suite 7510, New York 10118 


Reservation Office Number: 1 212 261 0470/ + 1 800 874 8875 

Tel: + 1 718 751 2620 / + 1 718 751 2617 

Fax: + 1 718 751 2688