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Spirit Airlines
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Founded in 1983, Spirit Airlines is an ultra low cost carrier in the United States. It is the seventh largest commercial airline in the United States. Headquartered in Miramar, Florida, 

the airline operates an extensive network within the United States and the Americas. In November 2014, Morgan Stanley named Spirit, “the top growth airline pick” for investors.  

The APEX gave Spirit a Four Star rating in 2020. It was the only airline in North America to make the list of the top 10 safest airlines in the world. Ted Christie is the CEO of Spirit 




Spirit Airlines was founded in 1983 as Charter One in Macomb County, Michigan, by Ned 

Homfeld. Charter One was re-born as Spirit Airlines on May 29, 1992 when it brought jet 

aircraft into the fleet. During the next five years, Spirit flourished and began expanding 

further throughout the US. Initially, Eastpointe, Michigan was the headquarter of Spirit 

Airlines before shifting to Miramar, Florida in November, 1999. Regular flights to San Juan, 

Puerto Rico was introduced with a fully integrated Spanish-language customer service plan 

was implemented in November, 2001. Spirit continued to grow over the years and on March 

6, 2007 the transition to an ultra-low-cost carrier in the US began. In April 2010, Spirit 

became the first US Airline to charge passengers for carry-on bags followed by Allegiant Air 

and Frontier Airlines.  



Spirit Airlines operates bases at Atlantic City, Chicago-O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, 

Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas and Orlando. 

Spirit Airlines travels to over 70 destinations throughout the United States, the Caribbean and 

Latin America, Mexico and South America. 



Spirit has a fleet size of 153 aircrafts with 31 Airbus A321-100, 64 Airbus A320-200, 28 

Airbus A320neo, 30 Airbus A321-200. It has further orders of 47 Airbus A319neo, 70 

Airbus A320neo and 20 Airbus A321neo. 



Spirit Airlines offers Standard fare (Bare Fare) and $9 Fare Club fares. The basic fare does 

not offer any services. As a result, Spirit lowers the cost of your ticket. 

$9 Fare Club can be availed only by joining or becoming a member of the club. Fees include 

$19.95 for a two month trial membership, $59.95 for a year and $69.95 for renewal each year 

which will be done automatically unless you cancel. This doesn’t mean that members can 

purchase tickets at $9 but you can enjoy certain benefits along with eight other passengers such as the lowest fare available when buying tickets online, special deals, and discounted 

prices on bags. Only one person needs to join the $9 Fare Club because one $9 Fare Club 

membership is sufficient to cover an entire family. 



-Go to the airline’s official website or log in your account on app

-Go to “My Trips”

-Enter your confirmation code along with your name

-Click on continue

-Make changes as per your need

-Save or submit your changes

-Get confirmation email or message.


Spirit Airlines offer refreshments such as beverages and snacks for purchase at a certain 

price. It does not provide Wi-Fi or any onboard entertainment. Passengers can purchase a Big 

Front Seat which comes pre- reclined with additional leg room and a 36” pitch and 20” 

width. Big Front Seats can be purchased for a charge during or after booking, based on 

availability. The dimensions for Standard economy seats are 28”pitch and 17.75” width. Seat 

Specs vary depending on the aircraft. 



Spirit Airlines frequent flyer program is called Free Spirit. The program is free to join, 

however, your miles will expire in three months if you do not earn more miles. Members can 

earn Free Spirit miles by flying Spirit, using the Spirit Airlines Credit Cards, buying 

additional Free Spirit miles, staying at choice hotels, dining at partner restaurants, car rentals 

from partner companies, cruise vacations and many more. Members can redeem miles for an 

award flight, magazine subscription, online games and so on.  

Spirit’s Free Spirit program has three levels – Somebody, Elite and VIP. Some of the benefits 


Somebody- Members can become a Somebody member once they enroll online at Spirit.com. 

They can earn 50% of the actual miles flown and enjoy access to exclusive members- only 

offers and promotions. 

Elite- To qualify for this tier, members need to fly at least 12,000 miles or spend a minimum 

of $1,200 on base fare tickets within six months. Members can earn 100% of the actual miles 

flown, priority boarding if you are a Spirit Airlines Credit card holder and earn 2 miles for 

every dollar spent on purchases with your Spirit airlines world mastercard. 

VIP- Members can achieve this status by flying 24,000 miles or spending $2,400 on base 

fare tickets within six months. VIP members will earn 100% of the actual miles flown and 

can keep their VIP status so long as they re-qualify every six months. 



Carry- On Allowance: Passengers are allowed to carry 1 personal item free with maximum 

dimensions of 40 linear inches (18x14x8 in) and an additional carry- on baggage, subject to 

applicable fees, with maximum dimensions of 50 linear inches (22x18x10in). The fees will 

depend on when and where the booking is done. 

During Booking:  

$9 Fare Club - $23  

Standard - $35-$49.56 

Before and during online check- in:  

$9 Fare club - $36-$50,  

Standard - $45-$61 

Airport reservation desk: $52-$70 

At gate: $65-$76 

Checked Baggage: Passengers are allowed to carry 2 standard bags and up to a maximum of 

5 bags which must not weigh more than 40lbs and 62 linear inches in dimensions. Each 

checked bag costs extra.  

During Booking: 1st checked bag 

($9 Fare Club - $21-$26, Standard $30-$35) 

                   2nd Checked Bag

 ($9 Fare Club - $31-$36, Standard – $40-$45) 

                   3rd to 5th checked bags 

($9 Fare Club - $76, Standard – $85) 

    Airport reservation desk: $50 

    At gate: $65 

During Online Check-in: 1st checked bag ($9 Fare Club - $31-$36, Standard – $40-$45) 

          2nd Checked Bag ($9 Fare Club - $41-$46, Standard – $50-$54) 

          3rd to 5th checked bags ($9 Fare Club - $86, Standard – $95) 

     Airport reservation desk: $60 

     At gate: n/a 

Before Online Check- in: 1st checked bag ($9 Fare Club - $31-$36, Standard – $40-$45) 

          2nd Checked Bag ($9 Fare Club - $41-$46, Standard – $50-$55) 

          3rd to 5th checked bags ($9 Fare Club - $86, Standard – $95) 

     Airport reservation desk: $60 

     At gate: n/a 

Overweight/ Oversized Baggage: If a bag weighs between 41-50 pounds, the fee is $30 per 

bag. If it is between 51-70 pounds, the fee is $55 per bag. If it weighs between 71-100 

pounds, the fee is $100 per bag. 

Baggage exceeding the total dimension of 63-80 linear inches is $100. If it is over 80 linear 

inches, the fee is $150. 




Spirit Airlines allows infants who are over 7 days old and below two years of age to travel on 

the lap of an adult who should be at least 15 years of age. Only one lap child is allowed per 

passenger, therefore, a separate ticket must be purchased for the second infant who must be 

secured in an FFA-approved child restraint device (car seat). Passengers travelling with an 

infant are not allowed to occupy a seat in an emergency exit row in front or behind an 

emergency exit row. Additionally, lap infants and children in car seat are not allowed to 

occupy a seat equipped with an inflatable seatbelt. Documentation such as birth certificate, 

passport etc should be provided for children 2 years old or younger upon request by the 

airline. Along with your personal item, a diaper bag, a car seat and a stroller is allowed free 

of charge. Taxes and fees may apply for the infant depending on destination. 




Unaccompanied minors aged 4 years and younger are not allowed to travel alone unless a 

person at least 15 years of age must accompany them. Children aged 5 to 14 years are 

allowed to travel alone only as unaccompanied minors provided they follow the guidelines 

imposed by the Unaccompanied Minor Service. Children aged 15years and above are 

permitted to travel alone without any restrictions. They can, however, request for the service 

of Unaccompanied Minor, if needed. 

Unaccompanied minors are allowed to travel only on nonstop and direct flights and within 

the United States including its territories (Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands). 

The service fee for Unaccompanied Minors is $100 per child each way which includes 

benefits like a free snack and a drink. 

A parent or guardian must bring the Unaccompanied Minor to the airport and check-in at the 

reservation counter 60 minutes prior to departure where an Unaccompanied Minor form must 

be filled by the parent/guardian along with photo identification of the minor. The parent 

should request a gate pass and accompany the child to the gate and remain there until after 

the flight takes off. A government issued photo ID must be provided by the parent/guardian. 

The pick-up parent /guardian designated on the accompanied minor form should procure a 

gate pass and wait for the child to arrive. 



Spirit Airlines does not charge any cancellations fees, regardless of fare selected, if the ticket 

is cancelled within 24 hours of purchase and greater than 7 days (168 hours) or more before 

the scheduled departure date. If the ticket is cancelled after more than 24 hours since the 

purchase, passengers need to pay $90-$110 as cancellation fee for getting a refund.  

The Airline’s cancellation fee consists of three segments – Standard Ticket, Flight Flex 

Ticket and Award Ticket. 

Standard Ticket: The cancellation fee will not be charged if the ticket is canceled within the 

same day of reservation. After the risk-free period, if the cancellation is made online, the fee 

is $90 and $100 for cancellations made at the airport. The airline will issue your refund as a 

travel point for future use and can only be used with Spirit Airlines. Additionally, if you 

change your flight and the ticket is more expensive than your original ticket, you will need to 

pay that price difference also. 

Flight Flex: It is only available for purchase during initial flight bookings. It gives you the 

benefit of changing your itinerary once, online, 24 hours before departure of your scheduled 

flight with no modification charges. The Flight Flex Fee is $35-$45 per ticket depending on 

your itinerary. After the risk-free period, the cancellation fee is $90 if done online and $100 if 

the cancellation is made at the airport or over the phone. Your refund will be issued as future 

travel credit with Spirit. 

Award Ticket: A cancellation fee of $110 will be charged, after the risk-free period, if you 

booked a ticket with your Spirit miles. However, your miles will be transferred back into 

your account for future travel purposes with Spirit. 



Spirit Airlines accepts domesticated dogs, cats, rabbits and small household birds to travel in 

the cabin for a fee of $110 each way. However, small household birds and rabbits are not 

permitted on flights to/from Puerto Rico or St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. Pets 

should be at least eight weeks old. The pet will count as one-plus-one carry- on luggage. 

Spirit does not allow pets as checked baggage or as cargo. Pet containers should not exceed 

18”x14”x9” and the combined weight of the pet and carrier may not exceed 40 pounds. Only 

soft containers are allowed and must be able to fit under the seat. Pets must stay inside their 

travel container at all times and must be able to sit, stand and move comfortably in the 

carrier. A maximum of 2 pets per container is permitted but only 1 container per passenger is 

allowed. The airline require a health certificate for passengers travelling with pets to USVI 

and a rabies vaccination certificate for pets travelling with passengers to Puerto Rico. Pets 

are not allowed on international flights except in the case of service animals. 



Low Cost Airline of the Year at CAPA World Aviation Awards, Air Transport World’s Value 

Airline of the Year and FlightGlobal ranked Spirit as the country’s most on-time Low-Cost 





Address: 2800 Executive Way 

Miramar, FL 


Phone: (954) 447-7920 

Fax: (954) 447-7979 

Website: http://www.spiritair.com 

Twitter Ids @SpiritAirlines