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Frontier Airlines
Airline Code : F9
Frontier Airlines





Frontier Airlines is an American ultra low-cost carrier operating flights to over 100 

destinations in the United States and 30 international destinations from its hub at Denver 

International Airport. It was founded in February 8, 1994 and started operations on July 5, 

1994. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, it is the eighth largest commercial airlines in the 

US and one of the fastest growing ultra-low-cost carriers in the US. 

Frontier Airlines takes pride in living up to its tagline “Low Fares Done Right”. 



The original Frontier Airlines was founded in June, 1950 by the merger of three small 

carriers -Arizona Airways, Monarch Airlines and Challenger Airlines. It operated till the 

1980s but filed for bankruptcy due to intense competition from other airlines. The origin of 

the second Frontier Airlines began to take shape in 1993 and the new airline took off in July 

1994 with two planes. It started expanding at a quick pace and gradually added several 

destinations including international services. By 2001, the airline was on Fortune magazine’s 

list of fastest growing companies. The airline once again filed for bankruptcy in 2008 

because of the spike in oil prices. In June 2009, Republic Airlines bought the airline, thus, 

making Frontier a subsidiary of Republic Airlines but continued to operate under its own 




Frontier Airlines travels to 111 destinations throughout the United States and to many more 

destinations such as El Salvador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, 

Jamaica and Canada. 



Frontier Airlines has a fleet size of 95 aircrafts with 20 AirbusA320-200, 54 Airbus 

A320neo, 21 Airbus A321-200. It has further orders for 93 Airbus A320neo, 67 Airbus 

A321neo and 18Airbus A321XLR. 

Frontier Airlines has codeshare agreement with Volaris, a Mexican low cost airline based in 

Santa Fe, Alvaro Obregon. 



Frontier Airlines has four types of fare classes, namely, Classic Plus, Classic, Economy and 

Basic. Classic Plus tickets include a preferred seat which includes baggage fees, a free 

alcoholic or a premium drink. Classic and Economy fares provide more amenities and 

options for the seasoned traveller. Passengers can also earn 100% miles while travelling in 

Classic fare. Basic fares include only seats with no add- ons and can earn 50% miles. 





Frontier Airlines offer beverages and snacks for sale in-flight. Since Frontier is a low cost 

airline, it does not provide amenities such as Wi-Fi, power outlets or any type of onboard 


The airline provides two types of seat- Standard and Stretch. The pitch and width of the seats 

vary depending on the type of aircraft and these seats do not recline. 



Frontier Miles is Frontier Airlines frequent flyer program. Members can earn miles by 

flying Frontier, using the Frontier World Master card and through partners.  

Members can also redeem miles by earning 10,000 Frontier miles to get a one- way domestic 

flight, car rentals, magazine subscriptions and hotel stays.   

 It has a three- tiered status program, namely, Elite 20k, Elite 50k, and Elite 100k. It can be 

attained by earning the qualifying 20,000 miles. Some of the benefits are: 

Elite 20k – Members can enjoy family pooling, free carry- on, seat assignment, priority 

boarding, waived redemption fees, last seat availability and stretch seating at check- in. 

Elite 50k – All of the above benefits plus stretch seating, upgraded family seating, 50% 

discount on Den Membership, 1.25X Mileage Multiplier. 

Elite 100k – Discount Den Membership, 1.5X Mileage Multiplier, checked bag, family 

status (the WORKS bundle) and all the benefits of Elite 20k and Elite 50k. 

Frontier Airlines has added a new benefit to their program called Family Pooling. It allows a 

group of eight people (be it friends, co- workers, whoever you consider family) to share their 

Frontier Miles. The program awards families with better travel options and there are no 

minimum, maximum or hidden fees. There are two ways to excess the benefits of family 

pooling; by earning Elite status or becoming a Frontier Airlines World Mastercard holder. 

Family Pooling takes just three simple steps for customers to avail its benefits: 

The qualified Frontier Miles member opens the family pool and becomes the head. 

The head of the pool can invite 8 family members or friends to join and share their Frontier 


The moment it has enough Frontier Miles, the head can redeem them for an award flight. 



The Works bundle and the Perks bundle are the two types of fares offered by Frontier which 

makes the airline one of the most affordable low cost carriers. The exclusivity of this feature 

is that passengers can save up to 30-50% when they bundle.  

The Works is Frontier’s top-tier bundle and the benefits includes a standard carry-on bag, a 

personal item, one free checked bag, seats selection including stretch seating, priority 

boarding, flight flexibility. The highlight of the Works bundle is the ability to refund tickets 

with no cancellation fees. Works bundle is only available during the booking process and can 

be availed after payment of certain amount of fee which varies by route. 

The Perks is Frontier’s second-tier bundle which includes one carry- on bag, one checked 

bag and seat reservation for any available seat. Passengers can save up to 30% by adding the 

Perks bundle after they book. Perks bundle can be bought after booking in “Manage My 



Booking” or while checking in.  






Carry- on Allowance: 1 personal item free (18”x14”x8”) and should fit under the seat. 

Carry- on bags, subject to applicable fees, should not weigh more than 35lbs and the total 

dimensions should be 24”x16”x10”.  

Bags exceeding the standard weight and dimensions must incur a fee of $60 at the gate, 

$30-$40 if it is pre- booked, call centre $55, web check- in $43,Airport Ticket Counter $55, 

online (up to 24 hours before departure) $40-$42.  

Checked Baggage: Checked bags should not exceed the weight of 50lbs and maximum 

linear dimensions of 62”. Fees for checked baggage may vary from $30- $55 depending on 

whether the fee is pre- paid or paid at the airport. 

Excess Baggage Fees: Frontier Airlines passengers must be prepared to incur a fee of $85- 

$95 per bag if the checked excess baggage is three or more bags per passenger. 

Overweight Baggage Fees: Baggage weighing more than 50lbs will be charged $75 or more 

in addition to any standard, excess or oversized baggage fees. Bags weighing more than 

99lbs are not accepted as checked luggage on Frontier. 

Oversize Baggage Fees: Baggage exceeding the total dimensions of 62 inches will be 

termed as oversized. Oversized baggage fees are charged in addition to any standard, excess 

or overweight fee. Bags measuring more than 109 inches will not be accepted as checked 


Infant Carry- on Policy: When travelling with an infant, the following item may be checked 

or carried onboard free of cost: 

Along with your carry- on allowance, a diaper bag can be carried onboard. 

Strollers must be gate- checked in the departing city. The stroller will be returned to the gate 

at your final destination. 

Child restraint devices may be carried onboard if it is approved by the Department of 

Transportation (DOT) labels or else it will be accepted as checked baggage only. 

Frontier Airlines allows infants under 2 years old to travel free of charge on the lap of an 

adult at least 15 years of age for domestic flights and 18 years of age for international flights. 

A ticket must be purchased for a second infant who must be secured in a car seat occupying a 

separate seat since only one infant is allowed on the lap of an adult. Two adults with two lap 

infants are not allowed to sit in the same side of the row because there are only four oxygen 

masks per every three seats. Additionally, lap children may not sit in any seat that has an 

airbag seatbelt installed which includes row 1 on most Frontier aircraft. When travelling 

internationally taxes may apply even if the infant is sitting on the lap of an adult. 

Note: Baggage fees will vary depending on fare class, loyalty status and other factors.  




Unaccompanied minors aged 15 and above are allowed to fly in Frontier Airlines. The airline 

charges a one- way service fee of $110 which includes gate access for guardians at drop- off 

and pick- up, a lanyard with a card indicating the child’s destination, hand- off from gate 

agent to flight attendant, in- flight beverage and snack, gate agent to look after the child until 

the child is picked up by the guardian.  

Prior to arrival, an unaccompanied minor form must be downloaded and filled out. It is 

always advisable to provide a form of ID for the child, regardless of age. Reservations can be 

made online. 

Note: Frontier does not accept unaccompanied minors on connecting flights. 



There will be no cancellation fees if the cancellation time frame is less than 24 hours after 

purchase or 60+ days prior to departure. A fee of $79 will be charged if the cancellation time 

frame falls in between 59 to 14 days prior to departure. If the ticket is cancelled after more 

than 24 hours since the purchase or if the booking was made within 7 days of travel, a 

cancellation fee of $119 will be charged. Tickets are valid till 90 days from date of issue; 

however, tickets purchased with the Works are valid for one year from the date of issue. 

Passengers can request a refund by filling out the Online Refund Request Form if they miss 

the flight, clearly stating the reason for doing so. If the flight is cancelled by the airline, the 

passengers can claim and be refunded of any unused portion of the ticket. However, the 

airline does not offer compensation in the event of natural calamities except for 

re-accommodation in the next Frontier flight. 



Frontier Airlines allows domesticated dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters or small 

household birds on domestic flights for a one- way directional charge of $75 ( as per Frontier 

Airlines Pet Policy 2019) while only small cats and dogs are allowed on international flights 

(excluding Jamaica). A health certificate is required for international travel. Frontier does not 

allow animals to be shipped with cargo or checked baggage, hence, pets are only allowed in 

the cabin. In addition, pets must stay in their travel container at all times with maximum 

dimensions of (18”Lx 14”Wx8”H). Pet container will count as either your personal item or 

your carry- on bag. The container should be a soft- sided case and must have room for your 

pet to stand up, turn around and lie down. It must have a waterproof bottom and should fit 

underneath the seat in front of you. Dogs and cats must be at least 4 months of age. Pets 

should be fed 4 hours prior to travel.  

Frontier allows only cats and dogs as emotional support animals (ESA) and only cats, dogs 

and miniature horses older than four months old are allowed as trained service animals. ESAs 

must be put on a leash at all times or in carriers that will fit under the seat in front of you. 

Frontier medical/mental health professional Form and the Frontier Animal Behaviour 

Acknowledgement Form must be submitted at least 48 hours before the flight. Only one ESA 

is permitted for each passenger. 





With effect from January 7, 2015, Frontier accepts only credit and debit cards for payment of 

tickets and fees from the passengers and do not entertain any mode of payment such as cash, 

cashier’s checks, personal checks and so on. 





In 2011, World Travel Awards, named Frontier Airlines “North America’s leading Low-Cost 




Frontier Airlines Inc 

4545 Airport Way 

Denver, Colorado 80239 

United States 

Phone nos.: (720) 374-4200 (Corporate Office) 

        (866) 807-7258 Toll-Free Number) 

        (801) 401-9000 (Bookings, Changes and Reservations) 

        (801) 401-9001 (Travel Agency) 

        (866) 807-7258 (Travel Insurance) 

        (602) 333-5925 (Travel Insurance) 


Email: (General Information) (Inquiries) (Legal)