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Copa Airlines
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Copa Airlines




Copa Airlines is the flag carrier of Panama, headquartered in Panama City, Panama. It is a 

member of Star Alliance, one of the three major airline alliances. Copa Airlines was honored 

by Skytrax as the Best Airline in Central America and the Caribbean for five years in a row. 

The airline’s parent company is Copa Holdings, S.A. and is also the main operator and owner 

of Colombian airline, AeroRepublica, currently known as Copa Airlines Colombia. Pedro 

Heilbron is the CEO and Jose Montero is the CFO of Copa Airlines. 



Copa Airlines was established as Compania Panamena de Aviacion by a group of 

Panamanian investors with assistance from Pan American World Airways on June 21, 1944 

and three years later began operations on August 15, 1947. International flights started 

operating in the early 1970s to cities in Jamaica, Colombia and Costa Rica. During the 1990s, 

the airline began expansion to Latin American Countries like Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lima, 

Venezuela and many more. In 1998, Continental Airlines acquired 49% of the airline. Copa 

acquired 90% of the Colombian domestic air carrier AeroRepublica in June, 2005. It joined 

the SkyTeam alliance as an associate member in 2006 but three years later, it withdrew from 

SkyTeam. In 2010, Copa announced that it would be joining Star Alliance. In 2012, it 

became an official member of Star Alliance. It began service to Boston and Tampa in 2013 

and received the Skytrax awards for the best airline in Central America and the Caribbean. In 

July 2015, MileagePlus was replaced by ConnectMiles, the new frequent flyer program. In 

December 2016, Wingo, a low cost subsidiary of Copa Airlines in Colombia began 

operations. It started flights to Mendoza, Argentina; Fortaleza, Brazil; Bridgetown, Barbados; 

Salta, Argentina; Denver, the United States in 2017 and 2018 and recently to Paramaribo, 

Suriname in 2019.    



Tocumen International Airport is the main hub of Copa Airlines. It flies to 80 destinations 

connecting 33 countries in North America, Central America, South America and the 




Copa Airlines has codeshare agreements with 15 airlines, namely, Aeromexico, Azul 

Brazilian Airlines, Air Europa, Air France, Asiana Airlines, Avianca, Emirates, EVA Air, Gol 

Transportes Aeroes, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, TAME, Turkish Airlines and United Airlines. 



Copa Airlines has a fleet size of 97 aircraft with 13 Boeing 737-700, 64 Boeing 737-800, 6 

Boeing 737 MAX 9, 14 Embraer 190. It has further orders of Boeing 737 Max 8 and Boeing 

737 Max 9, and 15 Boeing 737 MAX 10. 



Copa Airlines offers three travel classes, namely, Business Class, Economy Extra and 

Economy Class. 

Business Class offers recliner seats with footrests and adjustable headrest, personal 

on-demand entertainment screens, power outlets, USB ports. The airline’s 737 MAX 9 

Executive Business Class Dreams features 16 lie-flat seats spread across four rows in a 2-2 

layout with 60” of pitch, 16 inch seatback touch screen IFE monitor, USB and power outlets, 

a dining menu and amenity kits on select routes. 

Economy Extra comes with priority boarding privileges and features 24 seats spread across 

four rows. It offers up to 4 inches of more legroom, 34” of seat pitch, individual USB input 

and two AC outlets and a 10” in-flight entertainment screen which are not available in the 

regular Economy Class section. 

Economy Class comes in a 3-3 configuration, 31” of pitch, personal seat back entertainment 

system (available on all Boeing 737-800s), USB port, adjustable headrest, complimentary 

alcoholic drinks, and complimentary full meals on all medium and long haul flights. On the 

737 MAX 9, passengers can enjoy seats with leather headrests, individual USB ports and 

mobile device storage and stream in-flight entertainment wherein passengers can watch 

movies, TV shows, listen to music, news and many more to their own personal devices from 

its onboard entertainment system, Copa Showpass. 



Copa Airlines' in-flight entertainment system is called Copa Showpass. Copa currently offers 

only a variety of seatback and streaming in-flight entertainment. Passengers can access 

movies, TV shows, magazines and music on their personal devices by accessing the content 

via Copa’s onboard Copa Intranet Wi-Fi network using Copa’s mobile app or website. Once 

connected, passengers can stream the contents. 



 Copa Airlines frequent flyer program is called ConnectMiles. Members of ConnectMiles 

can earn miles and redeem rewards on travel to more than 1,300 destinations in the Star 

Alliance global route network. Members can also earn miles by travelling on Copa Airlines 

flights and its airline partners, with credit cards, by transferring points from foreign financial 

partners to ConnectMiles, shopping with partners, crediting non-alliance partner airlines to 

ConnectMiles, with car rental partners, cruise partners, magazine subscriptions, hotel 

partners, and hotel booking portals and much more.  

ConnectMiles elite status is called PreferMember. It has four tiers, namely, PreferMember 

Silver, PreferMember Gold, PreferMember Platinum and PreferMember Presidential. To 

qualify for Silver status, members need 25,000 qualifying miles, for Gold status- 45,000 QM, 

for Platinum status- 75,000 QM and for Presidential status- 95,000 QM. Some of the benefits 


PreferMember Silver – 25% PreferMember bonus, complimentary upgrade on the day of 

departure, complimentary upgrade for a companion, preferential check-in, security screening, 

boarding, baggage handling and seating, Star Alliance Silver benefits, 2 free checked 

baggage on international flights and 2 free checked baggage on domestic flights.  

PreferMember Gold – 50% PreferMember bonus, lounge access, complimentary upgrade 

48 hours before departure, complimentary upgrade for a companion, preferential check-in, 

security screening, boarding, baggage handling and seating, Star Alliance Gold benefits, 3 

free checked baggage on international flights and 2 free checked baggage on domestic 


PreferMember Platinum - 75% PreferMember bonus, lounge access, complimentary 

upgrade 72 hours prior to departure, complimentary upgrade for a companion, preferential 

check-in, security screening, boarding, baggage handling and seating, Star Alliance Gold 

benefits, three connect regional upgrade, 3 free checked baggage on international flights

and 2 free checked baggage on domestic flights.  

PreferMember Presidential - 100% PreferMember bonus, lounge access, complimentary 

upgrade 120 hours prior to departure, complimentary upgrade for a companion, preferential 

check-in, security screening, boarding, baggage handling and seating, Star Alliance Gold 

benefits, three connect regional upgrade, six connect global upgrade, 3 free checked 

baggages on international flights and 2 free checked baggages on domestic flights. 



Carry-On Allowance: Copa Airlines allows passengers to carry 1 personal item free and 1

carry-on baggage with a maximum weight of 22 lbs/ 10kg and maximum dimensions of 46 

inch/ 115cm with handles and wheels. 

Checked Baggage Allowance: On domestic flights, passengers travelling in Business Class

are allowed 2 checked baggage weighing not more than 50 lbs/23kg each and maximum

dimensions of 62 inches/158cm. Passengers in Economy Class are allowed 1 checked 

baggage with a maximum weight of 50 lbs/ 23kg and total dimensions of 62 inches/ 158cm.  

On international flights, Business Class passengers can carry 2 baggage each weighing not 

more than 70 lbs/32kg and maximum dimensions of 62 inches/ 158cm. Passengers travelling

in Economy Class-Full Fare can carry 2 bags with a maximum weight of 50 lbs/23kg each and

total dimensions of 62 inches/158cm. Economy Class-Promo & Classic Fares passengers 

are allowed 1 bag weighing 50lbs/23kg with total dimensions of 62 inches/ 158cm.


Additional Baggage Fees: On domestic flights, passengers of all classes will be charged $40 

for all additional bags. On international flights, Business Class passengers will be charged a fee

of $175 for the 3rd and 4th bags. Economy Class-Full Fare passengers will be charged 

$175 for their 3rd and 4th bags. Economy Class- Promo & Classic passengers must pay $40 

for their 2nd bag and $175 for the extra 3rd and 4th bags. 

Overweight and Oversize Fees: On domestic flights, bags weighing 51-70 lbs/ 24-32kg will be

charged $30. On international flights, bags weighing more than 51-70 lbs/24-32kg will be charged

$100 and 71-100 lbs/33-45kg will be charged $200. Individual pieces over 70 

lbs/32kg are not allowed on flights to/from the Bahamas and Cuba. 

Oversized bags on international flights will be charged $150 if the total dimensions are 

62.6-107 inches (159-272cm). Oversized luggages are not permitted on domestic flights. 

Exclusions and Waivers: For members of ConnectMiles PreferMember Silver, 2 bags with a 

maximum weight of 50lbs/23kg each on domestic and international flight. 

If you hold ConnectMiles PreferMembers Presidential/Platinum/Gold status, you are allowed 

3 bags with a maximum weight of 70lbs/32kg on international flights and 2 bags each 

weighing 70lbs/32kg on domestic flights. 

If you are a Star Alliance Gold Status member, you are allowed 3 bags each weighing no 

more than 70lbs/32kg on international flights and 2 bags weighing 70lbs/32kg each on 

domestic flights.  



Copa Airlines dosen’t transport newborn babies under 7 days old and babies that require an 

incubator. Children 0-23 months old are considered infants and they must always travel 

accompanied by an adult. Infants up to 23 months old may travel without occupying a seat on 

the lap of an adult. Only one lap infant is allowed per adult. However, a ticket is required for 

an infant even if he/she is not paying a fare. On domestic flights within Panama and 

Colombia, no charges will be applied. On international flights, lap infants will be charged 

10% of the adult fare. If the infant occupies a seat, the regular discount for children will be

applied according to the rules for the corresponding fare of the route flown. 

The infant car seat must be approved by the international rules as appropriate to be used on 

an aircraft and must comply with all federal regulations for car seats. If manufactured after 

February 12, 1985, it must be approved for use in automobiles or airplanes. The accompanying

adult must check that the infant is secured correctly in the seat, that the baby seat is functioning

and the infant seat is securely attached to the airplane seat. 

Passengers can carry a diaper bag as personal item. The airline also allows small, collapsible

strollers as carry-on luggage as long as the dimensions do not exceed those accepted for hand 

baggage. It is to be noted that if passengers are travelling with a stroller and a car seat, only one

item will be allowed free of charge in addition to the regular baggage. Infants travelling 

on an adult fare are entitled to the same baggage allowance as permitted for a regular passenger

traveling on adult fare. 



Copa Airlines allows children 5-14 years of age to travel alone as unaccompanied minors on 

its flight. Children below 5 years are not allowed to travel unless they are accompanied by an 

adult at least 18 years of age. Children aged 5-7 years may travel alone on direct flights 

which do not involve a change of aircraft. Children between 8-14 years old may travel alone 

on direct and connecting flights by the same airline. Children who are 15-17 years may travel 

alone with the same airline or interline with any itinerary as Meet and Assist passengers. 

Unaccompanied minors or young travellers undergoing medical treatment will not be 

accepted unless they are accompanied by an adult. 

The parent or guardian must submit the request for the service of unaccompanied minor to 

the airline at least 48 hours before departure. Information such as the name, photo, 

relationship, residence and office address and telephone number of the adult who is bringing 

the child to the airport and the person who will receive the child is required.  

The Unaccompanied Minor Service of Copa Airlines starts at the check-in desk which 

includes going through all the necessary procedures such as immigration and security, 

boarding but does not include service during the flight itself. On arrival, the child is 

accompanied through customs and immigration and finally handed over to the responsible 


The airline offers discounts on tickets that are purchased online for children between 2 and 

11 years, nonetheless, the child needs to travel with an adult. Unaccompanied Minors on 

Copa Airlines Colombia domestic flights will be charged a fee of COP 30,000 for each travel 

segment. For travel on domestic flights in Panama, a charge of USD 20 will be collected. If 

the Unaccompanied Minor’s reservation has domestic flights with international connections, 

the service charge for international flights will be applied. On international flights, children 

ages 5-7 years will be charged $150 on direct flights and children who are between the ages 

of 8-14 will be charged $150 on direct flights and $150 with connections.  



Copa Airlines allows only dogs and cats to travel in the passenger cabin. Pets are not allowed 

in Business Class. A maximum of 3 pets per flight is permitted inside the main cabin. 

Passengers travelling with pets should contact the airline at least 48 hours before departure 

and notify them. Only one pet per passenger and one pet per carrier are allowed. The 

combined weight of the pet and carrier should not exceed 20 lbs. The carrier must be able to 

fit under the seat in front of the passenger. Soft-sided pet carriers should not exceed the 

maximum dimensions of 11”x18”x11” and hard-sided carriers should have the total dimensions

of 13”x17”x7.5”. Passengers with pets cannot occupy an exit row, rows before or 

after an exit row or seated in bulkhead seats. Health certificates and other necessary 

documents must be provided on international flights. For flights within Colombia, only a 

current vaccination certificate is needed.   

The airline allows Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals accompanying 

individuals with a disability or special needs to travel in the passenger cabin free of charge. 

Only dogs are allowed as service animals. Service animals must be able to sit at the 

passenger’s feet and for safety measures; Service Animals must wear a muzzle during the 

entire trip. Required documentation such as health certificates, vaccination certificates, entry 

permits as well as other documents for the animal must be provided for entry into the 

destination country.  

On international flights, a fee of $125 will be charged per carrier. On domestic flights all pets 

will be charged $25 per carrier. On connecting flights that include international and domestic 

flights, the international flights conditions and surcharges will be applied.  



Copa Airlines allows all customers to cancel their reservation without being charged any 

cancellation fees if the cancellation is made within 24 hours from the time of their original 

booking regardless of fare selected. However, it is to be noted that there should be at least 7 

days left for the departure of the flight for this rule to apply. If a cancellation is made outside 

of the 24 hour window, a cancellation fee will be charged depending on various factors like 

destination, departure point, the number of tickets selected for cancellation, the duration 

between the cancellation time and the departure etc. 

Passengers who have purchased a basic Economy ticket are not permitted to cancel their 

ticket for a refund after the risk-free period. For those with refundable or flex ticket, 

cancellation can be made any time after which they will be reimbursed on their original 

method of payment. Passengers with non-refundable tickets will be charged a fee about $200 

for domestic tickets and international fees ranging from $200-$500 depending on the length 

of the flight. The remaining fare will be credited for a future Copa Airlines flight. If the flight 

is cancelled by the airline, passengers can book the next Copa Airlines flight as a form of 

compensation from the airline.  

Passengers can make a request for refund online by filling up the refund request form at Copa 

Airlines official site. The refund request depends on the fare rules for the tickets purchased. 

Instant refunds will be provided for the eligible tickets that are cancelled within the active 

grace period. 



Latin America’s Most On-Time Airline by FlightStats for six years in a row, The World’s 

Most On-Time Airline by OAG, Best Airline Staff in Central America by Skytrax, Leading 

Airline in Mexico and Central America by World Travel Awards, Best Airline in Central 

America and the Caribbean by skytrax for five years in a row and many more.   



Head Office 

PO BOX 0816-06819, Panama City, 1, Panama 

Phone Number: + 507 217 2672 

Fax Number: +507 304 2082 






Social media profiles: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram 


Waterford Center, 6205 Blue Lagoon Drive 

Suite 200, Miami,  

Florida, 33126, United States 

Phone: + 1 800 359 2672, +1 305 371 2672