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American Airlines
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American Airlines

American Airlines

American Airlines, Inc. is the world’s largest airline in terms of size of the fleet, numbers of scheduled passengers traveling, and revenue passenger mile.

Its headquarter is in Fort Worth, Texas, within the Dallas—Fort Worth metropolis. American, with the regional partners, operates almost 6,800 flights each day to nearly 350 destinations and more than 50 countries. As of 2019, American Airlines employs 130,000 people.


In 1930, a union of more than 80 small airlines made American Airlines. Robertson Aircraft Corporation and the Colonial Air Transport were the two organizations from where the American Airlines originated, both being merged into the holding company, The Aviation Corporation in 1929.

In 1930, this was made into an operating company and rebranded to American Airways. In 2013, US Airways and American Airlines merged but kept the name as American Airlines as it is the better-recognized company internationally.


Hoo boy!  Now is the interesting part.  American Airlines currently holds 10 hubs. American Airlines flies you all over the globe for more than 350 destinations. Visit the official website and scroll the map all over the globe at your ease and pick your desired location. You can zoom in all the locations in any part of the globe to see if your desired destination is present at American Airlines’ map. The official website is


American operates as the largest commercial fleet across the globe with 870 aircraft from both Boeing and Airbus, as of 2020. Over 80% of the American aircraft are narrow-bodied. American is also the largest operator of the A320 series, A319, and A321aircraft variants.


Traveling in American is one hell of a flight, my friend. Now you can even bring soft drinks and snacks to enjoy on your trip. Is that not neat? American has the option for you to fly Flagship®


Flagship ®




Premium Economy

Main Cabin Extra

Main Cabin and

Basic Economy.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there can be certain changes in the travel plans and service catering. We are all in this together, pal. You can always stay updated on these changes by downloading the American Airlines app on your mobile phone. The app is free, and it will connect anywhere; you can chat with the airline’s operator for any service by becoming AAdvantage® member.


If your child is of age below 18 (infant to minor), you may be asked to provide proof of evidence for age.

Families who have children below the age of 2 can board the flight early For each child, 1 carry-on diaper bag is allowed

Children under the age of 5 cannot travel alone under any circumstance For families traveling with children below the age of 15, to avoid separation of the family due to seat distribution

Book everyone in the same reservation

Do not wait till last minute to book your tickets

If you skip seats, (unable to choose seats, don’t want to pay for seats, or chose a basic Economy fare) the system usually detects that it is a family and search for seats together. In a situation where seats are limited,  seats are best assigned so that at least 1 adult is next to a child below the age of 15.

If you chose seats other than Main Cabin or Basic economy, a few days after your ticket purchase seats will be assigned to you so that any minor below 15 years of age can have at least 1 adult with them To note: If you and your child are traveling on a different reservation, notify Reservation to keep a note about it.

For children above 2 years of age, they must have their own seat and be ticketed an adult fare. American Airlines allows children as old as 2 days to travel, but if you’re traveling with an infant less than 7 days old, you need to have your healthcare provider fill out a medical form for the passenger before your flight. The infant must be accompanied by someone of age 16 or older/infant’s parent(s) in the same cabin.

For any specific details regarding child policy and safety, visit


Check-in baggage:

If you’re traveling Domestic, Transatlantic, and Transpacific, you can check up to 10 bags!

If you’re traveling to/from/through Mexico/Caribbean/Central America, South America, and Brazil, you can check up to 5 bags!

There are seasonal and year-round bag restrictions that can be applied. To learn more, visit

For all categories, the size of the baggage is limited to

  1. 62 in/158 in dimension.
  2. 50 lb/23 kg in weight* *70 lb/32 kg for First/Business class Carry-on baggage: The dimension of the smaller purse that can fit under the space in front of your seat should not exceed the size of 18x14x8 inches or 45x35x20 cm.
  3. Cooler bags with breast milk, child safety seats, strollers, and medical or mobility devices are not counted as personal or carry-on items.
  4. Other carry-on baggage should not exceed 22x14x9 inches/56x36x23 cm. If the item does not fit in the ‘sizer’ of the airport, you have to check it in.
  5. German bags that are soft on the side with dimensions of 51 in/130 cm can be taken with you as a carry-on. If you’re carrying a music instrument, they can be a carry-on too as long as they fit in the overhead cabin or in front of your seat.
  6. Certain duty-free liquids are allowed by TSA if they’re packaged in a security temper-evident bag. If you carry such items, please contact the TSA.
  7. Bags over 100 lb/45 kg are not accepted by American Airlines and baggage fees are non-refundable and apply to each person each way. For any specific information, visit



If you’re traveling to/through/from Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs, in between May 1- September 30, checked pets cannot travel with you. With a couple of exception of breeds’ restrictions, if you’re traveling American Airlines, you can only travel with cats and dogs. Please visit American Airlines website to know which specific breed of pets is allowed or not allowed on their airplanes. You must also verify if the destination you’re traveling to allows pets or have any specific restrictions imposed.



Don’t worry if life gets in the way of your travel plan and you had to cancel, American got your back.

If you cancel your trip, you can use that value for a future trip. Your money is not wasted! Baggage fees, Pet fees, Priority fees, Preferred seats, Main Cabin extra seats, Same-day flight change, ticket of a deceased person are refundable under American Airlines.

However, if you bought your ticket via a travel agent or via another website, contact them for help with your refund.




If you’re a member of Aadvantage® program, you will be earning miles when you fly American, oneworld®, and any other participating airlines, and over 1000 partners.


You can use your miles for flying to 1000 global destinations, upgrades, car rental and hotels, and other retail products.



Head office

American Airlines Corporate 4333 Amon Carter Boulevard Fort Worth, TX 76155 P.O. Box 619616 DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616 Phone number: 817-963-1234 Happy Flight!